‘Major Crimes’ Season 5 Recap, Spoilers & Update: Ricky Surprises Sharon With A Visit; What Is He Up To?

"Major Crimes" Season 5 fans are in for big surprises. Reports have it that Captain Sharon O'Dwyer Raydor will have a visitor on episode 18.

The previous episode of "Major Crimes" Season 5 saw Dr. Morales in the limelight. His father paid him a visit and the doctor has to pretend that Provenza works for him. Viewers thought that both father and son had a good chemistry on screen.

Andy was also seen trying to surprise Sharon with the help of Rusty according to TV Fanatic. Though he was nervous, he managed to get down on his knee and propose to the captain. He could not wait much longer as the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. Fans cannot wait to see Sharon's answer in the next episode of "Major Crimes" Season 5.

Whatever Sharon's answer will be to the proposal of Andy, it will definitely change the landscape of the story of "Major Crimes" Season 5. A lot of chaos has been going on in their lives and a major decision could affect everyone.

Another thing that could have a great impact on the lives of the characters of "Major Crimes" Season 5 is a surprise visit of Ricky to his mom, Sharon. While fans speculate that the lead star's son from her former husband, Jack, may bring good news to the team, it could also hinder her decision to Andy's proposal.

"Major Crimes" Season 5 episode 18 is titled "Bad Blood" according to Cartermatt. Aside from the surprise visit and Sharon's answer to Andy's proposal, viewers can also follow the investigation of a murder of a fraud LAPD detective. The crime could be linked to an arrest the officer made decades ago.

What do you think will be Sharon's answer to Andy's proposal? Stay tuned to Enstarz for the latest news and update of "Major Crimes" Season 5.

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