3 Reasons Mayweather Might Be Beaten By McGregor In Their Upcoming Combat Fight

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are already taking final preparations and promotions for their upcoming bout this August 26. Latest reports just claimed that there is a possibility that McGregor can beat Mayweather with some reasons elucidated.

Less than two weeks away from the biggest fight in combat sports history, some fans and sports analysts are already giving their respective predictions. Though most bet for Mayweather, some are also betting on McGregor and they even cited reasons and factors why the MMA fighter can have the chance to beat the undefeated world boxing champion.

First, it was mentioned on Bleacher Report that Mayweather has not trained even for a single second for this upcoming bout. Some said that he has been roller skating, shopping, and going to strip clubs instead of training while McGregor has been spending all his time training so he can win and beat Mayweather. However, it was till claimed that the boxing champ can still win the fight.

Second, Mayweather was compared to Paulie Malignaggi who was beaten by McGregor by pushing and knocking him down. It was claimed that Mayweather is not Malignaggi who is also a good boxer with a shot chin but still does nothing during his fight night with McGregor.

Next, many were claiming that McGregor's success in MMA comes from his ability to get into the head of his opponent. The said MMA fighter can get fighters over emotional and this will end up to his rivals abandoning their game plan immediately the McGregor takes advantage of their mistakes. Perhaps, when he fights Mayweather, he will also employ the same tactic.

But according to Gwinnett Prep Sports, Mayweather has every advantage in this bout and he is aware of that so there is no reason for him to get over emotional or for him to even mind what McGregor will say or do. It will be very unlikely that he will submit to that, so still, Mayweather has the edge.

Lastly, with Mayweather's perfect record of 49-0, some said that he has been protected and that winning 49 professional fights is hard already. In addition, he also never lost a decision and that he has never been on the wrong side and with this, it will be doubtful if McGregor will ruin this record.

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