Floyd Mayweather Plans To Launch A Global Business Venture After McGregor’s Fight

After he fights Conor McGregor on August 26, Floyd Mayweather reportedly will have a change of career and latest reports confirmed that he is interested in a business. As he is expected to crash another enormous paycheck, the boxing champ is said to be launching a global business venture.

According to USA Today, Mayweather will be launching his Mayweather Boxing and Fitness and this will provide and offer fitness programs across the globe even in underserved areas. In a statement, he said that this will be a program for children, aspiring athletes, as well as parents as long as they want to put energy into something positive.

It was also added that the training programs will be based on the workouts of the boxing champ. With this, reports were rife that the first gym is expected to open in Southern California in November and after this, it will expand globally.

Apart from the gyms, this Mayweather Boxing and Fitness will also provide a mobile application plus a virtual reality experience; this will be used in order for a person to have an access to Mayweather's fitness methods as well as training.

With regards to their upcoming fight, Mayweather just called Conor McGregor a dirty fighter just last Thursday. He then confessed that the MMA fighter will be suing roughhouse tactics and strategies when they will have their boxing match on the said date.

Independent reported that Mayweather saw some clips of McGregor in training and claimed that a lot of his moves are not supposedly part of the strict regulations of boxing. He said that he saw a lot of rabbit punches behind the head, illegal shots, wrestling, and grappling. With this, he expressed his hopes that the referee will be fair on both sides and to be even for them to have a good solid fight.

However, it was already stated in the contract for the August 26 fight that McGregor cannot use the moves he has been using in the Ultimate Fighting Championship like elbows and kicks. If he will be caught using any of these moves, he will be fined with a severe financial penalty. It can be recalled that Mayweather has been accused of using elbows too when he fought Victor Ortiz.

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