Nicole Eggert Hires Security After Claiming Scott Baio Is 'Harassing' Her

Actress Nicole Eggert has already filed a police report against her alleged attacker, Scott Baio. Now the actress has taken things a step further. Eggert has reportedly hired security after receiving "harassing" phone calls from Baio.

Enough Is Enough 

Eggert spoke with TMZ where it's stated that she is "fed up" with Baio trying to contact her. The actress stated that she received over 19 phone calls from Baio since she took her allegations to the police.

"I've been getting a lot of harassing phone calls from Mr. Scott Baio, who has been telling me to leave it in the hands of the police, He's been harassing me so much over the phone," Eggert stated. 

Eggert was spotted with her security guards who she hired "as a precaution". 

A representative for Baio vehemently denied that the actor has tried to make any contact with Eggert. The rep continued that Baio himself has received several calls from an unknown number which he has given to the authorities. 

"Immediately after, he was contacted by an individual who gave him 24 hours to accept an unspecified offer which was characterized as 'help'. We have significant evidence about the origin of these calls, and are bringing it to law enforcement Monday," the rep stated

War Of The Words Continued 

The two former costars began a bitter exchange after Eggert took to Twitter to accuse Baio of molesting her while the two were on Charles in Charge. The actress later went on the Megyn Kelly Today show where she continued to elaborate on her allegations. The actress claimed that Baio "fingered" her in his car when she was fourteen and would continue to abuse her until she was 17.

Baio went on Good Morning America to refute Eggert's claims and also defend himself. Baio stated that he and Eggert dated and they engage in sexual intercourse, but Eggert was 18 when that started.

Following Eggert's claims, Alexander Polinsky, also accused Baio of "physical and mental" abuse. Polinsky cooperated with Eggert's claims that Baio was a "terror" to work with on set and that he saw Baio acting "inappropriately" with Eggert on numerous occasions.

Eggert has stated that more costars from Charles in Charge are going to come forward with allegations. 

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