'Breaking Amish: Return to Amish' Season 2 SNEAK PEEK: WATCH As Schmucker Clan Deals With Mary's Health, Andrew's Legal Troubles & New Threats [VIDEO]

The Return To Amish crew will soon be back on-screen on TLC, and in a sneak peek clip for the season, it appears the group will be facing some extraordinarily tough issues.

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Not only will the group face personal struggles within their own families and with each other, but they'll be forced to deal with some major hardships as well--especially when Momma Mary, the adopted matriarch of the group appears to fall ill.

'Somebody, seriously, call 911!" Rebecca is heard saying in the clip after Mary collapses to the floor in a coughing fit, and is later seen being hauled off on a stretcher and complaining that she can't breathe.

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In addition to Mary's health issues, her cancer-stricken daughter-in-law, Chapel, may be the cause of some strife within the family, after her husband, Andrew, appears to have been hauled off to jail once again following his struggles with the law. And this time, Chapel appears to be receiving the blame from his family.

"Why is Andrew in jail and you're not?" Mary asks her in the clip.

Even some of the good things that appear to be happening to the group are soon tinted with tragedy and threats--as Mary tries to find a new activity--opening a Bed and Breakfast, that allows the family to all bond once more.

"I'm just hoping this B&B will help me get my family back together," she says.

And though her idea seems to work and everyone seems to be pitching in to keep the business afloat--there is still a new threat after it appears someone believes the family is faking their entire backstory and claims of initially being Amish in the first place--scrawling the words "FAKE AMISH" across the B&B in spray paint.

A notable person missing from the preview however is Sabrina High (the original cast of Breaking Amish featured her, Rebecca and Abe, Kate Stoltz and Jeremiah Raber), who appears to not be a part of the new season. Nothing has been confirmed, but some reports have indicated she has been suffering from severe personal issues following the birth of her daughter, Oakley, last year.

Breaking Amish: Return to Amish returns Sunday, May 31 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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