"One Piece" Chapter 857 and 858 offer to bring a surprising twist in the manga series as it journeys ahead into unpredictable territory. The Supernova arc is coming soon and Luffy will be seen taking some strong steps to counter Big Mom and her evil plans.

"One Piece" Chapter 857 and 858 will treat fans to intriguing twists. According to the report, Supernova arc is coming up soon and it might see Sanji marrying one of the daughters of Big Mom to save his clan that has been held captive by her. Though Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have arrived on the island to save Sanji, it will not be easy for him to escape.

Sanji might be forced to do something undesirable in "One Piece" Chapter 857. Jinbe has already told him about Big Mom's motives and how she planned the wedding to eliminate the Vinsmoke family. She wants to lord over the Germa Kingdom and intends to be the leader of the strongest army in the world. This is definitely bad news but Luffy decides to face her and would ally with Gang Bege.

"One Piece" Chapter 857 spoilers suggest Jinbe telling Luffy and Sanji that Bege does not care about fame or power, Mangafarm claimed. He is only concerned with treasures and thus, Jinbe proposes an alliance with the mafia lord. However, it is speculated that Luffy and Bege will run into trouble at some point as the former has horrible manners.

Luffy would need to exercise caution if he wants to succeed because Bege is not reliable. He has shot Pekoms and also captured Sanji. "One Piece" Chapter 857 and 858 are surely going to be interesting. Will Sanji marry Big Mom's daughter or escape from the island unhurt? How will Bege and Luffy collaborate? Will Bege live up to his promise or betray Luffy by killing him?

"One Piece" Chapter 857 and 858 hold answers to all these questions.