On Thursday, March 29, Mathew Knowles made his first appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. The father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles opened up about everything from his relationship with his daughters, to the tragic elevator showdown, and his latest book, Racism: From The Eyes Of a Child.

However, the kicker of the interview was his thoughts on the infamous "elevator brawl" that occurred between Solange and Beyoncé's rap mogul husband, Jay-Z, back in 2014. Of course any parent would never want to see their children involved in a fight, but the talent manager told Williams that he laughed so hard at the episode.

The 66-year-old also didn't seem to be surprised that it happened, saying those who know Solange are aware that she's a "firecracker."

"If you Know Solange, that's Solange! You just never know what you're gonna get, firecracker. Don't know where she gets that from," the father of four remarked.

The college professor added that it was just like that of Beyoncé to stand quietly and not say much.

The Elevator Showdown

Fans of the hip-hop power couple will unfortunately never forget the feud that went down between Solange and her brother-in-law on the night of the 2014 Met Gala. The incident was even caught on tape, where the "Cranes in the Sky" singer could be seen kicking and hitting the rapper as Beyoncé watched.

It was later revealed that Solange went off on Hov for allegedly getting too close for comfort with fashion designer Rachel Roy. The moment even led those supporting the musicians to believe that the "4:44" rapper was cheating on the 22-time Grammy-winning singer.

Well, in August 207, the founder of Roc Nation finally broke his silence on the situation.

"We had one disagreement ever. Before and after we've been cool. She's like my sister. I will protect her. That's my sister, not my sister-in-law, my sister," the entrepreneur explained.

Mathew Owns Up To His Mistakes

The Bey Hive probably knows that Mathew was the first to reveal the news that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had welcomed their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. The author stated that he had misread the news and thought Beyoncé made the announcement, so he shared the iconic photo of her holding the twins to congratulate her.

When Williams asked if Beyoncé was upset that he disclosed the news before she did, the record producer owned up to his faults and claimed that it was mistake.

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