While Blue Ivy Carter tags along with her parents to major events like the Grammy Awards and the Wearable Art Gala, it will be a while before fans see Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins on social media.

Beyonce Goes Back To Being Private

“Beyonce has been super protective of her new twins and has been keeping them under wraps since they have been born,” an insider revealed. “While Blue Ivy Carter has been all over the place, award shows, and charity events, Beyonce and Jay have decided to keep the twins safely at home.”

The source went on to point out that Beyonce and Jay-Z have given fans an intimate look at their personal lives like never before. From Beyonce’s Lemonade to Jay-Z’s 4:44, fans have had quite the peek into the power couple’s marital woes and glories.

The insider said Beyonce wants to create a balance of what she allows the public to see when it comes to her family and draws the line at showing she and Jay-Z’s 9-month-old twins.

Beyonce has also steered away from talking about the twins and bringing them out in public. Still, word is she’s pretty hands-on when it comes to caring for them at home. Meanwhile, it’s clear that Blue Ivy, 6, is having the time of her life as she attends major events with her parents.

Fans Get To See Blue Ivy More

“Blue has been struggling with no longer being the only child in the family so Beyonce has been spending extra time with her, taking her out shopping and bringing her along to more public appearances.”

As for Jay-Z, he reportedly believes Blue Ivy is at the age where she can see really who her parents are and everything that comes with their star status.

OTR II Is A Family Affair

While the couple is adamant about keeping the twins out of the public, there might be a chance that fans will be able to get a peek at the twins as Jay-Z and Beyonce are gearing up to bring a whole team of nannies on their upcoming On The Run II tour.

While Blue Ivy will continue to travel with her parents and see the world, nannies will also be on hand to help care for the growing child and her younger twin siblings. Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their 36-city tour that includes dates in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. It is said to be something their whole family will enjoy together.

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