Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly ditching their plans on a big family wedding and are opting to have a secret eloped marriage instead.

After the couple's tragic break up in 2003, which led to the cancellation of their first wedding, Jen and Ben made a grand comeback with their renewed relationship. Their whirlwind romance world tour flaunted how in love they are.

After their red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival, netizens became more obsessed with the two lovebirds, which marked their first public appearance after getting back together. Affleck and Lopez then flew back to the States to attended the Met Gala together.

Now people are more eager than ever to see Bennifer 2.0 get married, which according to sources, the topic "isn't a question of if they will get married by rather when."

Ben Already Bought Rings

The engagement rumors began a month before all the elopement allegations as "The Last Duel" star was spotted ring-shopping in Century City, California. Although it's unconfirmed if Ben did purchase an engagement ring, it's clear that the situation was serious enough to bring his mom and son along.

A source from OK! revealed that before Affleck had window-shopped at Tifanny's, he and Jennifer already had plans to "make it official before the end of the year."

According to the magazine's insider, the "On The Floor" singer solidified her relationship with Affleck by removing negative thoughts about their past mistakes. The insider added that Lopez "has zero doubt that Ben is her soulmate, and he's equally smitten [with her]."

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Elopement for Jen and Ben

After their failed engagement 18 years ago, it seems out of character for the two big-name celebrities to consider eloping.

Avid supporters of the pair were expecting a lavish wedding. Still, US Weekly via Suggest reported that both parties will probably pass on that opportunity and are actually "considering eloping" instead. One thing is certain, Jennifer and Ben are "both madly in love and don't want to let one another go this time."

The publication also mentioned that the love team still has the issue regarding their prenup, which they would still have to settle even if they are excited to tie the knot in whatever form it may take.

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