First Lady Michelle Obama impressed fashion experts and amateurs alike with her inaugural outfit Monday morning created by New York-based designer Thom Browne, mostly known for his menswear collections.

The First Lady wore a navy silk jacquard coat and dress outfit in a checked pattern specially designed for her. 

"I wanted 'tailored' for her. For me, she stands for strength and confidence, and that's what I wanted to design for her," Browne told the Associated Press about his creation for the First Lady's inaugural dress.

According to the designer, the outfit was inspired by a men's silk tie. It is unclear what the cost of the outfit was, but it could likely be at least $10,000, according to Enstars' estimates. However, the actual price has not been confirmed and there is no word yet on whether the dress and coat outfit will be rolled out for customers. 

Pleated dresses from Browne's pre-fall 2013 collection for example, range from $3,500 to $4,400 while a knee length tailored coat from the same collection, similar in shape to the one worn by Mrs. Obama is prized at $5,100.

"It's overwhelming," Browne told the New York Times about the moment he found out Mrs. Obama was wearing his creation. "It is one of those rare moments in someone's career that you will always remember. There's not a word that can really describe it. It's just amazing.

"It's one of those humbling experiences in life. With all the American designers she could have chosen from, the fact that she chose mine was overwhelming and one of those experiences that you can never really put into words other than just [to say] 'truly humbling' and I'm so proud that she chose it -- and I'm also so proud that she looked so good in it," Browne told AP.

This is not the first time Mrs. Obama wore Browne's designs. She reportedly wore two of his creations for the Democratic National Convention and for one of the presidential debates last year.

According to the New York Times, Browne was introduced to Mrs. Obama  at a White House event in which he was awarded with a National Design Award for fashion design in 2012.

Mrs. Obama's office reached out to Browne ahead of the inauguration to ask him to design an outfit for the First Lady for the Presidential Inauguration,  but he reportedly didn't get confirmation that his outfit had been selected.

According to various media reports, he found out that Mrs. Obama had selected his creation during Monday's Inauguration when she appeared on TV.

Although Browne is mostly known for his menswear collections, he introduced a womenswear collection in 2010 which includes blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, shells, coats, overcoats and trousers.

Mrs. Obama's outfit and accompanying accessories will go to the National Archives once the Inauguration concludes, according to AP.