The Milan Fashion Week 2018 kicked off on Wednesday with a runway of diverse culture as Gucci unveiled its collection inspired by cross-cultural locations, India Gate, Aztec, Egyptian and Rome.

Shows from the major fashion houses rolled out their collections on the runway of Milan Fashion week and the Gucci runway caught everyone's attention with a backdrop inspired by murals and monuments all over the world.
The runway featured three arches in Aztec and Egyptian styles including the stunning India Gate.The runway captured the essence of diverse inspirations and aesthetics according to Gucci hub.
Just ahead of the show GucciSS18 proclaimed the runway design as an over-the top-aesthetic in an Instagram post.Gucci informed that the electric runway was Tiber river; while the map is juxtaosed with the layout of the Imperial Fora, dotted with classical statues from different periods and cultures.

The backdrop, an early medieval structure, with a double portico and the runway featured three arches in Indian, Aztec and Egyptian styles. Surfaces in bubbled pvc and streetlights give a metropolitan feel.

The inspiration gathered from the historic monument of India along with the others in the backdrop specifically gave a larger message.

At hand, it seemed to be that you don't have to leave home to engage in some educational cross-culturalism as all the elements were right there, and the stage was a cross-cultural paradise reported Vogue.

When the first runway look came with models walking the ramp in the strobe lights, it was clear that this town has been thoroughly Gucci-fied according to Hollywood Reporter.

Designer Alessandro Michele's moderately priced dress shop selling sequin skirts for daytime was all about color and shine, and even Brunello Cucinelli's sublime subtlety felt the Gucci heat.
All in all the runway was a money spinner for Gucci.

Going by the picture, the sublime Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inspired by medieval sculpture, Roman literature, talismanic codes, 70s glamour and the garment went beyond the Gucci note referring to cross-culturalism.

Michele's moderately priced creations were Dramatic, Psychedelic, Retroactive, Colourful, and with Gucci SS18: Milan is in the midst of the metamorphosis of a mischievous genius reviewed Nouvelle Factory.