Playboy confirmed that supermodel Kate Moss will appear on the cover of its magazine's January/February double issue.

Rumors first circulated that Moss will appear on the cover of Playboy earlier this year after hairstylist Oribe Canalis accidentally mentioned it. Moss was ultimately selected because she is the "biggest supermodel in the world," Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek told the Los Angeles Times  "She is the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years."

"This is a massive global brand," Jellinek said of Playboy. "You need a global icon in order to celebrate that - that was the impetus. This creates a heat for the brand globally. It started with Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Playboy 60 years ago, an icon for her time. Now we've got Kate Moss!"

Moss' photo shoot concept will serve as a nod to the past. The magazine will arrive on newsstands around her 40th birthday on Jan. 16. The model was already photographed by Marcus Pigott and Mert Atlas. Her pictorial includes a full frontal nudity shot and also features "velveteen bunny ears, French cuffs, silk stockings and come-hither smile," Jellinek said. 

The magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner, explained Moss is the perfect choice to celebrate the brand being in business for 60 years.

"She's a worldwide celebrity and iconic and crosses the boundaries from sexual imagery to upscale modeling," he said. "It's a natural for us."

Robert Pattinson Post-Kristen Stewart Split, Reveals Kate Moss Crush, Seeks Confidence In New Girlfriend, He Says

British actor Robert Pattinson told Harper's Bazaar Arabia in its latest issue that he was "obsessed" with the British supermodel when he was younger. He posted pictures of her on his bedroom wall when growing up in England.

"I was obsessed with her, it was a bit ridiculous," Pattinson reportedly confessed about the fellow Brit.

He other celebrity crush was a 1970's actress: "The other poster I had up was Linda Blair in the Exorcist, so they were my two options - a little girl obsessed and Kate Moss."

Moss is currently married to Jamie Hince, a guitarist for the alt-rock band the Kills.