Kate Middleton Rotting Teeth Magazine Cover Sparks Backlash

The New Republic magazine is being criticized for putting Kate Middleton on the cover with a photo shopped image of her with rotting yellow teeth. The image is supposed to be a metaphor representing the decaying state of the British economy and government.

The weekly political and arts magazine's headline, "Something's Rotten: The Last Days Of Britain", is a cover story about England's decline and even criticizes the country's football teams.

The image might be playing into an American stereotype that British people have poor dental hygiene, according to ABC News.

Reaction to the cover photo has mostly been negative. The New Republic's Facebook page had this comment posted online: "You made me ashamed to be an American. I could be proud that the American quality press could give the British giants of good journalism a run for their money. Instead, I, and perhaps countless other Americans either studying or living in Britain, are humiliated."

Another commenter on DailyMail said: "Not cool. I am not an imperialist (not even close!), but she seems to be a genuine person. She is young, beautiful, and privileged. Apparently grave sins to many people. Yet I wonder if these are the same critics who keep up on the Kardashians, or whatever flavor of the month Hollywood squirts out. She is a person who did not deserve this low blow. Shame on them. I wouldn't even think to read anything from them ever again."

This is not the first time Middleton has been insulted publicly. In a move to promote tourism in China, the Chinese government released a taxi commercial featuring an actress portraying Middleton as a gold digger who refused to take a panda cab.

The actress, who complains to actors portraying Prince William and Queen Elizabeth, says, "I just don't understand why we can't take the royal limo. I didn't marry royalty to schlep around in a taxi."

Kate Middleton also made headlines when a report was leaked that her wardrobe budget for public appearances turned out to be $55,000, according to Hollywood Life. It was revealed that her father-in-law Prince Charles pays for her wardrobe for Middleton's public appearances which are part of her royalty duties. Prince Charles made his spending records available to the public for the first time since Kate joined the Royal Family. The news was a shock to many because there was speculation that her husband Prince William paid the bill. 

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