Alexa Chung Does Not Want Her Body To Be Discussed

In April, former British model and TV personality Alexa Chung temporarily shut down her Instagram after a picture of her and her mother received a barrage of criticisms. 

Commenters remarked on how skinny her legs were and called them "gross." She was labeled  "unhealthy," "disgusting," "gross" and critics claimed she was contributing to the "thinspiration" culture. 

But Chung recently told Fashionista she wished women could be noticed for something other than their looks or weight. 

"I think it's about time people stopped judging women on their appearance and more on their intellect," Chung said. "Like you can appreciate my style without having to appreciate my weight. It's not actually mutually inclusive. I just get frustrated because, just because I exist in this shape, doesn't mean that I'm like advocating it and being like, 'I look great.'"

According to the Daily Mail, Chung commented at the time, "People are different sizes. I'm not trying to be thinspo for anyone."

She told the website that sometimes, she does wish she could gain ten pounds, but for the most part, she is happy with her naturally thin physique. But if she were to announce that, she said, "I'd be completely criticized and ridiculed."

Chung has also been a victim of online bullying via Twitter. 

She told the UK OK! magazine, "It was genuinely horrible. I stopped using Twitter for a while because I got so much s**t about being anorexic. And I'm not."

Chung told Fashionista that she doesn't think anyone has the right to judge people they don't know. 

"I just think that whole culture of hatred, and also feeling like it's your right to judge people when you don't know them is really f**ked up. So I'm pleased I experienced that side of it, so I can learn to be a better person on the other side of it. I'm sure in the past I've been judgemental too," she said. "And it's difficult because sometimes people do have eating disorders, and whatever but you never know what's going on in someone's life so I'd say don't be quick to think you know."

And just like any person would, Chung is not immune to self-criticism. 

"I mean, there's definitely days where I'm like, I look disgusting. But that's being a human being," she explained. "So like, just because you're in magazines, doesn't mean you think you're excellent."

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