Grab your weapons, Grounders, The 100's Lexa is back on set.

'The 100' Season 3: Is A Fan Favorite Near Death? A Bloody Set Teases Problems For Beloved Character

The Commander and leader of the Woods Clan brought the Arker/Grounder treaty crashing down around her head in "Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1," and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) will have to answer for her dubious Mount Weather decision in episode 3 (see video below).

"Hey #The100 Fans, today is Lexa's 1st day back on set," showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced on Tuesday. "Let's show @DebnamCarey how we feel about her."

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Try excited. Happy. Grateful. Anxious. We could go on, but we have yet to get to Rothenberg's more distressing news.

The series creator debuted his new teaser feature, "Dayly Dailies," as clips started rolling in for the Kim Shumway script, and Rothenberg has already painted a bleak but tantalizing picture for episode 3.

"DAYLY DAILIES premiere tweet: A set that will blow your mind, a scene that will break your heart & a reunion to die for! #The100," Rothenberg announced'.

Knowing The 100, "a reunion to die for" will probably be quite literal.

Find out more when The 100 returns to The CW this spring.