Fans of the first season of FX's American Horror Story will be pleased with this news.

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The horror anthology series is set to go back to the "Murder House" at one point in season 5, titled Hotel.

"We do go to the Murder House for one episode," American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy confirmed to Entertainment Weekly in a new report.

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And one of the characters featured in the first season will be back too! Marcy (Christine Estabrook), the realtor who wound up selling the "Murder House" to the Harmons in season 1, is also the realtor for the Cortez Hotel in the upcoming season.

As seen in the EW photo, Marcy is showcasing the hotel to Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) and his son.

This is all part of Murphy's plan to have every season be interconnected. The most overt example of this was in Freak Show with Pepper (Naomi Grossman), who was previously in Asylum. Lily Rabe also appeared as Sister Mary Eunice in both seasons.

Murphy spoke at Comic-Con about many characters from previous seasons checking in to the Cortez Hotel this year.

"This season, you'll see more and more and more of that," Murphy said, of season connections. "Characters from previous seasons will come check into the hotel."

With so many characters featured in American Horror Story over the years, there's no telling who might show up. Who knows? Maybe even Jessica Lange could show up for an episode as one of her characters! Only time will tell.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.