The Brown family has been dealing with a lot of negative publicity in the wake of Meri and Kody's divorce on Sister Wives, as well as his marriage to Robyn and her pregnancy news, but now the family will need to face the challenge of explaining things to their children. 

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In a synopsis for the upcoming episodes on Sept. 20, the family will be thrown into turmoil when they are faced with informing the younger children in the family about the change that they are experiencing together-as a family.  

First, in the episode A Secret Marriage, Kody and Robyn are prepared to marry now that the divorce from Meri is legal, but the couple will run into trouble when they're unsure of how to involve Meri, Janelle and Christine-as well as their children-in the celebration.  

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In an effort to avoid the stress of the situation, he and Robyn will elope-with no one else present, including cameras.  

Afterwards, the drama will shift during Wrestling With Adoption, which will see Meri struggling as she tries to explain to the kids in the family why the marriage license was shifted from her to Robyn. The attempt to share the news will cause Meri to get emotional.  

Meanwhile, Kody will continue trying to go through with the process of adopting Robyn's children-Dayton, Aurora and Breanna-from a previous relationship. However he will run into conflict when he begins to wonder what her ex-husband will have to say about giving up his parental rights so he can legally adopt.  

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TLC.