The cast of "The Real Housewives" of Miami got together for part two of the reunion special that aired on Jan. 3, and an abundance of tears and screams were passed around during the hour-long Bravo television broadcast. 

The show's host, Andy Cohen, said "Miami is certainly not for the weak-hearted," and Enstarz noted some of the night's highlights.

Though Mama Elsa was not one of the "housewives," her appearance during the show's second season left an impression on fans and the show's cast. Cohen showed clips from various episodes in the series where Elsa made the housewives laugh ("the doctor said my ear looks like a banana") and where she also tried to give some spiritual guidance.

However, when she sat with the women at the reunion, she pinpointed Joanna Krupa for calling her a "devil." She warned the model by telling her "I'm a very good friend but I'm a very bad enemy," and that Krupa should watch out. Elsa also spoke about her love life, denied calling President Barack Obama an "animal" - saying "How could I say that, I love Michele" - and revealed that she was asked to be Madonna's spiritual adviser. 

Alexia Echevarria, who choose not to be a full-time cast member this season, joined the reunion to talk about her son's condition following a severe accident he was in in August 2012. She said doctors at first told her family the teenage boy, Frankie, would be in a vegetable-like state, but he has since began walking, running and getting back to his normal self. Cohen addressed the issue of her older son, in his early 20s, who was recently arrested for hitting a homeless man.

He pleaded "not guilty" but Echevarria said she is very upset with him and that the incident most likely occurred due to the stress he faced over his younger brother's condition following the accident. At various points, Echevarria was so distraught over discussing details about her sons that she broke down crying and was given tissues by Ana Quincoces and Marysol Patton, who began crying as well as a result of Echevarria's story. 

Cohen then addressed the fact that Karent Sierra brought up Frankie's condition at a party, which "really upset" Echevarria.

"I didn't like the fact that she brought it up because I had been seeing her for two months already and you never asked me for Frankie," she said to Sierra. "You never told me 'I've been praying for you. I've been praying for your family.' "

"If you really wanted to call me and you were so concerned about my son, you had my number," she added, saying that even Sierra's ex-boyfriend Rodolfo Jimenez visited her son while he was in the hospital.

Sierra admitted that she did in fact try to get in touch with Echevarria. She said, "I sent you texts and I made phone calls to you," but Echevarria said "that's not important."

They then screamed at each other until Cohen changed the topic. 

Lea Black a few times throughout the show accused Quincoces of "character assassination" and making false accusations. Quincoces claimed Black knew that Joe Francis would be at a party that Krupa was at, and make accusations of her being on "Girls Gone Wild." But Black said Quincoces is lying and she had no idea Francis would embarrass Krupa and spread lies about the model.

"Do you really believe for one second that Lea didn't know that he was going to make those accusations at that party. Really? Give me a break," Quincoces said.

Black then interjected with "another false accusation!" The two women began screaming at each other and Quincoces sarcastically said, "Everybody's accusations are false except yours. You're the only one with accurate facts. It's absolutely true...She knew about it."

"I didn't know he knew her," Black said to Quincoces, referring to Francis' and Krupa's friendship. "I will go under oath right now that I did not know. Bring the truth serum...and that is another gratuitous character assassination to be relevant again because you are the most boring person on this show."

Quincoces ended by saying, "This show is not called the old and the restless. Go home...Take your walker and just go home."

In addition, Patton said her relationship with Phillip "did not work out because I sucked as a wife" and the only thing she was a "victim" of all season was believing that Black was her friend. Adriana De Moura also confirmed that she is still engaged and is planning to marry in the spring.

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