World's First Lumpy Tablet Unveiled at CES 2013; Bumpy Keyboard Technology for Screen Surface [Video]

The world's first 'lumpy tablet' technology has been unveiled at the 2013 Computer Electronic Show last week. Tactus, a company in California, revealed the technology that transforms your device by allowing 'bumps' to appear over the letters of a virtual keyboard on a tablet - thus making it into a lumpy tablet. The lump appears to allow the user to feel the actual keyboard when typing on a screen and they disappear the user is finished using them.

The company is hoping that major tech companies such as Samsung, Sony and Motorola will use their new lumpy keyboard technology in their new designs for their upcoming products.

A real keyboard rises up and merges onto the screen's surface when the user turns on the keyboard on their tablet. When the user is done typing, the keys supposedly sink back down.

Currently, the "Tactus Morphing Tactile" technology can only be used for tablets but the California-based company hopes to incorporate the bumpy keyboards into smartphones and television screens as well.

According to Tactus, the new technology provides a "new dimension of user interface with a fundamentally unique solution".

The company did not provide details on when the actual product will be released. But according to Craig Ciesla, chief executive of Tactus, the product can be expected towards the end of this year.

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