Kylie Jenner's New Reality Show Reportedly Far From Becoming A Hit Series; Considers It As Avenue To Promote Her Booming Empire

Kylie Jenner has a new show and latest reports were telling that it is far from becoming a hit series just like the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". The said series had its first airing last Sunday night and most of its part offered what almost people would expect from a show starring Kylie.

Mashable Asia reported that Kylie Jenner was home-schooled and with this, she never got the chance to experience the feeling of being in a teenage-hood. Moreover, she was not able to experience going to prom and not undergoing that significant experience was perhaps hard for the makeup mogul. With this, she unfollowed everyone she knew since she could not afford to see their memories posted on her timeline.

The said series also illustrated how some people bickered dateless teen Albert Ochoa who was among the people who asked Kylie Jenner to prom on social media. It was actually her best friend, model Jordyn Woods who got the phone number of Ochoa and arranged everything. But due to a malfunctioning private jet plus Kylie's claims that she can't do airports because of the attention her fans give her, it did not push through.

However, the viewers did not see Kylie Jenner picking out her dress or even calling the mother of Albert on the phone. But because of social media, the viewers knew that she surprised Albert at his school dance just months ago and the dress she was wearing was also familiar to the viewers. This incident raised a question and doubt if there is a point watching the same content from different angles after five months.

According to Perez Hilton, Kylie Jenner became popular when she was also introduced to the people and fans through the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". Apart from this, she also gained popularity in the social media because of her relentless posts and she confessed that in her reality show.

With that, Kylie Jenner explained that she needs to be on Instagram and on Snapchat keeping people entertained just to stay relevant to the public. She also added that there is this false side of her which the public see against the Kylie when with friends and family. That's what she wanted the viewers and her fans to know in her reality show.

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