Hillary Clinton is a woman on a mission, and her endgame is the White House. But it's not enough to make compelling speeches, address the issues, or tour the country; a real contender needs to play the public relations game. And more often than not, that means hitting the talk show circuit, charming the hosts and engaging with the audience.

In between drumming up enthusiasm for her candidacy and verbally sparring with her Republican (and sometimes Democratic) colleagues, Hillary has made some truly memorable late-night appearances. Here's a look at some of her best televised appearances on the road to the White House.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Clinton is often criticized by detractors for seeming to stiff and detached, but nobody who watched her appearance on The Tonight Show would agree. In the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Clinton had no problem cutting loose, laughing and joking with host Fallon in between discussing more serious issues. The highlight of her appearance? A surprisingly entertaining imitation of Donald Trump

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Although tussling with Colbert on his late, great program The Colbert Report could be an exercise in futility and frustration for those not in on the joke, politicans nonetheless have been making the rounds on his new show. Clinton recently stopped by "The Cathedral Of Colbert" to discuss the current political climate. Always an astute interviewer, Colbert mixed serious campaign policy questions and financial issues in between asking about Clinton's favorite television shows. But perhaps the best point raised was that of her potential running mate should she get the nomination. "She hasn't named her running mate yet," Colbert pointed out. "Maybe it's because she wanted to wait and ask him on his talk show." Clinton/Colbert 2016? Now that would be a campaign worth following.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel is easily one of the most engaging late-night hosts out there, and his relaxed rapport with his guests is a pleasure to watch. Hillary Clinton took full advantage of this, allowing Kimmel to land some well-aimed jabs against her Republican competitors. Clinton remained carefully diplomatic in her responses, refusing to speak ill of her colleagues (even if they are vying for the same position). Clinton appears relaxed, on-point, and wryly funny about the business of politics--she even posed for a selfie with the Kimmel crew.

Late Night With Seth Meyers

But despite the relaxed atmosphere and fun games, it's not all laughs on late-night TV. Hillary Clinton made an appearance on NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers to take on a deadly serious topic: Donald Trump's increasingly violent rhetoric regarding the Muslim community. Not one to mince words, Clinton laid out her concerns to the talk-show host:

"I think for weeks, you know you and everybody else were just bringing folks to hysterical laughter and all of that," Clinton said to Meyers. "But now he has gone way over the line. And what he's saying now is not only shameful and wrong--it's dangerous." Who says politics and entertainment don't mesh?