'The 100' Season 3: Clarke Has Her Eye On A New Girl, What Will Become Of Clexa? [VIDEO]

Watch out, Clexa fans, there's a new woman in Clarke's life.

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When The 100 returns for season 3, the young Arker leader will be three months out from Lexa's stinging season 2 betrayal. With Mount Weather still weighing heavily on her mind, Clarke will put her romantic feelings for the Heda aside as she warms up to a different Grounder.

"After three months living in isolation and in disguise, Clarke will seek solace in the arms of a compassionate, observant - and yeah, pretty sexy - trading post worker," TV Guide revealed on Tuesday.

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As per usual, however, Clarke's happiness will be short lived. You don't take down the biggest post-apocalyptic threat without turning a few heads, and word of the teen's ballsy Mount Weather massacre will put her on the Ice Nation's radar. As Lexa can tell you, that is one clan you do NOT want on your tail.

Too late.

Will the trading post girl quietly fade away, or do The 100 writers have a more tragic ending planed for Clarke's little tryst? Find out when The CW drama returns on Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. ET.

Click the video below to see the first trailer for season 3.

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