The no-drinking wine drought is over for Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb!

Last month, The Ladies Home Journal asked the Today co-hosts to refrain from drinking wine on the show for one month. The no-drinking challenge was posed by the publication in exchange for a cover story.

The two are frequently seen taking a sip of a drink besides their morning coffee during the fourth hour of the Today Show, but decided to embrace the new challenge as part of a healthier push for the New Year.

"A lot of people are doing this," Gifford said. "It's a new year, and they're all trying to cut back in whatever ways they can."

"Cheers to the end," Kotb said.

The hosts finished the 30-day challenge--remained true to their promise and stayed off the drink for the remainder of January and a few days leading in to February. On Tuesday's show, the two prepped for the Wednesday "Winesday" celebration of a month's abstinence, dubbed "booze-a-palooza." On their site, a contributor for the network writes:

"To celebrate, the ladies are putting on the Winesday Wednesday to end them all. They're leaping off the wagon and on to a party bus. Exactly what do they have planned? Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out! .... Are you ready? The ladies sure are. If you want to get prepared, check out this montage of their brave journey to spend 30 days on vino."

On Wednesday's show, the celebration started off with some goblets of Colby Red beneath champagne-shaped balloons and a shower of confetti. The ladies drank cocktails throughout the segments and topped the show off with a shot of vodka to toast the upcoming Olympics in Russia.

"It's the worse decision we have ever made. It's not as fun...our guests are used to having a little beverage. It's a little weird," Kotb said on the Jimmy Fallon show.

"My first reaction was, "Are you crazy?"' Gifford said in the February cover of the magazine. "But I'll do it to lose weight. In the past I've given up cheese, pasta, sweets, bread...why not wine?"