'Survivor 32' News: Everything We Know About 'Kaoh Rong' So Far Including Cast & Medevac Info [VIDEO]


Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance may have just ended, but many fans are already gearing up for season 32 this spring.

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CBS is preparing for the premiere of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng - Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty, the show's 32nd season. The season already has a unique reputation compared to previous seasons, which was hyped up in the teaser trailer.

To tide you over until the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 17, let's examine what we know so far about this season.

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-Medevacs and injuries

Kaôh Rōng is being described as "the most punishing season in Survivor history," and for good reason. The trailer shows multiple injuries sustained by the castaways, with host Jeff Probst heard saying "you are pulling him from the game" once and "we're gonna have an evacuation" another time. We saw a taste of the grueling Cambodia conditions this past season, and it looks like this group of castaways will feel it even more. Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett revealed this summer that Kaôh Rōng will have a "record number of evacuations."

-18 new players, divided by personality type

Hoping to replicate the success of Survivor: Cagayan, this season will feature 18 new players split up into three tribes: Brawn, Brains and Beauty. Physically fit competitors will compete on the brawn tribe, intelligent players on the Brains tribe, and attractive, social people on the Beauty tribe. With Cagayan already bringing back four players a second time, the producers may be hoping for a similarly strong cast this time around. The cast list has already been leaked by noted Survivor spoiler Martin Holmes a.k.a. Redmond, and you can view it on his site InsideSurvivor.com.

-A few castaways you may recognize

The trailer teased confessionals from six different Kaôh Rōng players, two of which should be familiar faces. Former NBA player Scot Pollard (who played on the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers) is on the Brawn tribe. And Big Brother 16 houseguest Caleb Reynolds will compete on the Beauty tribe. Will their relatively recognizable status help or hurt them in the game? Only time will tell.

-This season was filmed before Cambodia

Despite Cambodia airing this fall, it was actually filmed after Kaôh Rōng. This is the first time in Survivor history that they have aired seasons out of order from when they were filmed. This also means you probably won't be hearing new buzz words from Cambodia like "voting blocs" - although you wouldn't have anyway considering the seasons were filmed back to back before the premiere of Cambodia.

-Everything is "big"

Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly after the Survivor: Cambodia finale and teased what viewers can expect from Kaôh Rōng. His response was short and to the point: "Big characters, big moves, and big drama." It may tough to follow a season as epic as Cambodia, but Probst's comments are certainly promising.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng - Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty premieres Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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