Best Meme Tattoos: Inky Reminders Of Left Shark, Grumpy Cat, Pizza Rat & More [VIDEO]


Everyone loves a good meme; they're fun, they're silly, and they can add some humor to another long day. But some people love memes more than most: they decide to honor these pop culture moments permanently, by etching them onto their skin. Meme tattoos continue to be a popular trend, and this year saw some of the best yet. Here are some of the finest meme tattoos of 2015, providing proof that a meme can in fact achieve immortality.

Left Shark

The world fell in love with the delightfully wacky dance moves of Left Shark during Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance. Shirts, onesies, and assorted merchandise quickly followed; but for some, this temporary devotion wasn't enough, and a surprisingly large stream of Left Shark tattoos followed.

Grumpy Cat

The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves attitude. When you combine the two you get the cultural phenomenon that is Grumpy Cat. From a funny meme to a full on media empire, this cranky little ball of fluff has won over the world and earned immortality in the form of tattoos. Not too shabby, Grumpy Cat. Not too shabby at all.

Netflix & Chill

The pickup line that set the Internet on fire has now become a cool tattoo. Between the memes, Vines, and versatility of this phrase, we suspect this one will survive well into 2016.

The Dress

This is a meme that some of us would rather forget. For days there was nothing but this intense debate, both online and in person: was the dress blue and black, or white and gold? People fought over this; relationships fell apart, and many people made appointments with their eye doctor. Whatever side you fall on, this meme took a thrift store dress and made it an international debate (and for the record, it's blue and black).

Pizza Rat

Everyone loves pizza, but Pizza Rat put us all to shame; even the most voracious fan has nothing on this determined rodent. And while some people were horrified at the idea of rats taking off with whole slices of pizza, many more were charmed by the furry fellow's culinary taste.


The rapper enjoyed a banner year in 2015, with Grammy nods, hit songs, and a high-profile feud with Meek Mill. But some people would rather remember Drake for his incredibly popular 'Hotline Bling' video. The combination of his smooth dance moves and oddly appealing wardrobe added up to a massive hit. And how do you honor your favorite new video from one of your favorite rappers? With a tattoo that captures his stylish swagger, of course.

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