'Bones' Season 11 News: What Caused Michael Peterson & Other Writers To Create Hodgins Story Arc?

The Bones showrunner recently spoke on what possessed him and his fellow writers to create the new Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) arc.

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Michael Peterson, the current boss of Fox's Bones, told Entertainment Weekly last month about why they wrote the "Hodgins is paralyzed" arc and how it dates back to several years ago.

"A long time ago, Hart [Hanson, series creator] had pitched the idea of an intern in a wheelchair who just had this horrible disposition. That was something he had pitched not for Hodgins, but for an intern," Peterson revealed. "And it always stuck in the back of my mind, because Hart has insanely good instincts, so I knew that would be something that we could play around with. As we were talking about various things to do, and as I was also going back and watching early seasons of Bones, back when Hodgins was a lot snarkier, the ideas kind of just melded together...What if Hodgins is the guy in the wheelchair?"

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Peterson also spoke on how star David Boreanaz, who plays Booth in the series, inspired them to try and recapture the magic of the first few seasons.

"[Boreanaz] said, 'Go back and watch these early seasons. Look at all the dynamics that were going on, and see what of that magic we can capture.' We've tried to do that with Booth and Brennan, certainly - making sure they were together a lot more this season than had been happening in the last couple, and making sure that there was a good fire between them," Peterson said.

Hodgins will have "a heck of an arc" moving forward into the second half of season 11, Peterson promised. He also revealed that Thyne has "not left his wheelchair" since the storyline developed, admitting that he and actress Michaela Conlin (who plays Angela) are loving this arc.

Bones season 11 still doesn't have a set return date on Fox.

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