Olivia Pope's abortion will be six months in the rear view when Scandal returns this February.

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The political fixer made the difficult choice to give up her baby in the midseason finale, following which she packed her bags and left the White House behind. When the ABC drama returns, Liv (Kerry Washington) will be debating whether or not to share her choice with those closest to her.

"It's up to Olivia [who she tells]," actress Katie Lowes (Quinn) told TV Line. A lot has transpired over the winter hiatus, and "time has kind of done its thing to everybody."

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The spring run will open with "It's Hard Out Here for a General," and viewers can expect upcoming episodes to be a prime example of the 'art imitates life' adage.

"[There is] so much stuff going on that mimics real life, it's crazy," Lowes teased. "There's social commentary, like the lawn chair episode or when we took on rape in the military."

Find out what's next for Olivia, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), Quinn, and Co. when Scandal returns to ABC on Feb. 11. Click the video below to see a preview for the second half of season 5.