The creators of Making a Murderer have revealed how the public has chosen to support Steven Avery.

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Avery, who remains in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach, is getting numerous letters from those who have watched Making a Murderer. Series creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi revealed this in a new interview with Fortune.

"He tells us about getting letters of support, and he's diligently trying to read and respond to every one of them," Ricciardi revealed. "But he hasn't been able to watch the series--he put in a request to his warden and social worker but it was denied. It's hard to know what he is able to really track in terms of the response. He calls us from prison on a recorded telephone line. But he has heard from people who have written letters of support that they had positive things to say about the documentary."

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The series began streaming on Netflix on Dec. 18, and quickly became a sensation.

It is unknown if Demos and Ricciardi will create a second season of Making a Murderer, but whatever they do next will likely be shorter than the 10-hour series.

"We're hoping to do something a little shorter next time around. We're keeping our options open," Demos said.

Demos and Ricciardi appeared at the TCA press tour in January and spoke about how the series could conceivably continue to follow the Avery case.

"As we said before, in relation to this story, this story is ongoing, these cases are open," Demos said. "It's real-life so you don't know what's going to happen. We are ready... if there are significant developments, we will be there."

Making a Murderer is currently available to stream in full on Netflix.