A judge in California overturned the lawsuit of a former The Price is Right model who claimed she was harassed by producers of the show while she was pregnant.

The jury in the case originally awarded $7.7 million to model Brandi Cochran in November, but the judge overturned the ruling on Tuesday due to the fact that the jury was not given the proper instruction to make their final decision, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cochran, a model on the show for seven seasons, alleged that she was mistreated by producers on the set of the hit CBS game show after she became pregnant in 2007.

Some of the claims include harsh comments about her weight gain and that her image was taken off of the show's website.

The harassment eventually ended when she was fired from the show which she also cited was due to her pregnancy.

The case was apparently complicated for the jury to solve as a deadlocked decision was the end result on more than a few occasions and that they only found that the pregnancy was just a small part of why she was cut from The Price is Right.

The biggest issue that caused the recent overturn in the jury's award was that they apparently were not instructed by the judge to use the 42-year-old model's pregnancy as the "substantial motivation factor" behind her firing from the show, according to The Daily Mail.

The California Supreme Court ruled in January that the judge failed to note the main factor of her pregnancy and that the $7.7 million award for alleged pregnancy discrimination had to be wiped away.

In order for the former model to try and get her money awarded again she will have to go through another trial process in an attempt to sway the jury to her side.