New rumors for the Apple iPad 5 state that the tablet may have a wireless charger and a camera with true optical zoom.

Apple is reportedly developing a new Smart Cover accessory that can wirelessly charge the next-generation tablet, according to an induction charging patent application reported by AppleInsider.

This design adds the useful feature of an inductive charging coil to the Smart Cover which will give users a new way to use the accessory.

The Smart Cover would also contain a battery within but would need to be plugged in to charge, or alternatively could be fitted with solar panels to pick up extra juice from ambient light.

Apple also reportedly is working on a new digital camera for the iPad 5 based on another government patent application reported by UnwiredView.

The new optical zoom feature is rumored to be a vastly improved upgrade to the low-quality digital zoom we're all used to in current devices.

Apple has yet to officially announce a release date for the iPad 5, but tech blog iMore cited information from a source close to the company saying that there is "serious consideration" by executives to unveil the next iPad in April.

The specs for the iPad 5 are still a rumor and will likely feature significant upgrades to the current iPad 4.

The latest iPad is also expected to have better 4G connectivity than its predecessor and will likely ship with an even faster chip than any of Apple's tablets, according to KnowYourMobile. This may mean that users will be able to get their hands on an upgraded A6X processor chip which was reportedly twice as fast as the iPad 3.

Apple is also reportedly working on the iPad Mini 2 that may have a dual release with the iPad 5, according to Apple Insider .