NCAA Basketball Printable Bracket 2013: TV Schedule, Game Times, Picks For March Madness


March Madness is underway and it's still not too late for fans to fill out their NCAA Men's Basketball Printable Bracket.

Brackets close Thursday at tip-off: 12:15 p.m.

ESPN is holding a contest for basketball fans to compete in ESPN's Tournament Challenge. Fans will able to earn points for correct picks and if they finish in the top 1 percent, a $10,000 prize will be awarded.

CLICK HERE for a 2013 Printable NCAA Men's Bracket

The NCAA March Madness Live app will be available to download via the App store and Google Play in March. The app will provide college basketball fans with multi-screen digital access to the 2013 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

The full 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament bracket was unveiled live on CBS Sunday, and the selection committee awarded Four No. 1 seeds with Louisville nabbing the top seed.

The Cardinals won 10 straight games, earning the highest overall seed after completing a 29-5 season topped with a stunning championship win on March 16 in the Big East tournament. They trailed Syracuse by 16 points early in the second half but increased their full-court pressure and won 78-61.

There are many highly ranked programs destined to face a devastating defeat early in the tournament which will ruin chances and bracket supremacy.

Mainstream media has flooded college basketball fans with stats and odds, those filling out brackets should be wary of teams like Duke, Miami, Indiana, Florida and Gonzaga this year.

Even President Obama, an avid basketball fan predicted No. 1 seed Indiana to defeat Louisville in championship game.

The Bleacher Report noted that underrated teams like Villanova, Temple, New Mexico and Oregon are getting no love on the bracket selections, but points out that 2013 may be the year of upsets.

The second round games take place on Thursday and Friday. The third round will be contested over the weekend on the March 23 and 24, while the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games will go run through the 28-31. The championship game will be held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga.

Below is the list of NCAA men's tournament games.

                                                SECOND ROUND
Mar. 21(14) Valparaiso vs. (3) Michigan St.12:15CBS5
Mar. 21(11) Bucknell vs. (6) Butler12:40truTV6
Mar. 21(9) Wichita St. vs. (8) Pittsburgh1:40TBS7
Mar. 21(13) New Mexico St. vs. (4) Saint Louis2:10TNT8
Mar. 21(6) Memphis vs. (11) MTSU/SMU2:45CBS9
Mar. 21(14) Davidson vs. (3) Marquette3:10truTV10
Mar. 21(16) Southern vs. (1) Gonzaga4:10TBS11
Mar. 21(12) Oregon vs. (5) Oklahoma St.4:40TNT12
Mar. 21(16) NC A&T/Lib. vs. (1) Louisville6:50TBS13
Mar. 21(13) South Dakota St. vs (4) Michigan7:15CBS14
Mar. 21(11) Belmont vs. (6) Arizona7:20TNT15
Mar. 21(12) California vs. (5) UNLV7:27truTV16
Mar. 21(9) Missouri vs. (8) Colorado St.9:20TBS17
Mar. 21(12) Akron vs. (5) VCU9:45CBS18
Mar. 21(14) Harvard vs. (3) New Mexico9:50TNT19
Mar. 21(13) Montana vs. (4) Syracuse9:57truTV20
Mar. 22(15) Albany (NY) vs. (2) Duke12:15CBS21
Mar. 22(12) Ole Miss vs. (5) Wisconsin12:40truTV22
Mar. 22(9) Temple vs. (8) North Carolina St.1:40TBS23
Mar. 22(15) Pacific vs. (2) Miami (FL)2:10TNT24
Mar. 22(10) Cincinnati vs. (7) Creighton2:45CBS25
Mar. 22(13) BSU/La Salle vs. (4) Kansas St.3:10truTV26
Mar. 22(16) LIU-Brooklyn/JMU vs. (1) Indiana4:10TBS27
Mar. 22(10) Colorado vs. (7) Illinois4:45TNT28
Mar. 22(15) Florida Gulf Coast vs. (2) Georgetown6:50TBS29
Mar. 22(15) Iona vs. (2) Ohio State7:15CBS30
Mar. 22(9) Villanova vs. (8) North Carolina7:20TNT31
Mar. 22(14) Northwestern St. vs. (3) Florida7:27truTV32
Mar. 22(10) Oklahoma vs. (7) San Diego St.9:20TBS33
Mar. 22(10) Iowa State vs. (7) Notre Dame9:45CBS34
Mar. 22(16) W. Kentucky vs. (1) Kansas9:50TNT35
Mar. 22(11) Minnesota vs. (6) UCLA9:57truTV36
                NOTE: Third-Round Games and Beyond are Tentative
Mar. 23Third Round12:00CBS37
Mar. 23Third Round2:30CBS38
Mar. 23Third Round5:00CBS39
Mar. 23Third Round6:00TNT40
Mar. 23Third Round7:00TBS41
Mar. 23Third Round7:30CBS42
Mar. 23Third Round8:30TNT43
Mar. 23Third Round9:30CBS44
 Mar. 24Third Round12:00CBS45
Mar. 24Third Round2:30CBS46
Mar. 24Third Round5:00CBS47
Mar. 24Third Round6:00TNT48
Mar. 24Third Round7:00TBS49
Mar. 24Third Round7:30truTV50
Mar. 24Third Round8:30TNT51
Mar. 24Third Round9:30TBS52
Mar. 28Sweet 167:00CBS53
Mar. 28Sweet 167:30TBS54
Mar. 28Sweet 169:30CBS55
Mar. 28Sweet 1610:00TBS56
Mar. 29Sweet 167:00CBS57
Mar. 29Sweet 167:30TBS58
Mar. 29Sweet 169:30CBS59
Mar. 29Sweet 1610:00TBS60
Mar. 30Elite Eight4:20CBS61
Mar. 30Elite Eight6:55CBS62
Mar. 31Elite Eight2:10CBS63
Mar. 31Elite Eight4:55CBS64
Apr. 6Final Four6:00CBS65
Apr. 6Final Four8:49CBS66
Apr. 82013 NCAA National Championship9:23CBS67

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