Eileen Davidson engaged in a conversation with Lisa Rinna during an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last month, and ever since, the drama on the show has been reaching new heights.

After Rinna spoke of Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards' alleged involvement in chatter about Yolanda Foster and Munchausen Sydrome, Davidson denied it was she who manipulated Rinna to speak ill of Vanderpump.

"Just to clarify some confusion: I did not manipulate Lisa R. into saying the truth about Lisa V.," Davidson wrote to fans of her Bravo blog on Tuesday. "I’ve been hearing what Lisa V. has been doing all season long regarding Yolanda and what happened the day Munchausen was brought up."

"Lisa R. came to me many times with information about Lisa V.’s attempts to 'manipulate.' I did not want to be in the middle of it anymore," she explained. "I didn’t like knowing the truth and either having to pretend I didn’t or be the only one saying anything. So I asked Lisa R. to address it with Lisa V. herself."

Continuing on, Davidson spoke of Edwards' thoughts on her comments about Vanderpump, claiming she understood how Edwards may have been confused.

"Reading Kathryn’s blog post from last week, it is obvious she did not understand this. I don’t blame her; she came in halfway through the season and still hasn’t witnessed, or been privy to, what I have," Davidson wrote. "However, after this episode, it would be a shame of her to continue her misunderstanding of what really transpired."

"What is also so obvious to me, and hopefully obvious to everyone who watches this episode, is this: Lisa Rinna told the truth. Kyle told the truth. I have been telling the truth, shouting it from the highest rooftops, really. THE truth. Not mine. Not theirs. The one and only truth. And now that it’s finally out, I can only hope that people let the truth speak for itself," she added.

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