'House of Cards' Season 5 Spoilers: Kevin Spacey Reveals Show Falls Short Of Reflecting Real Life Elections [VIDEO]


For all the criticisms of House of Cards not being reflective—in it being a bit too absurdist—of real life politics, Kevin Spacey has a rebuttal.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed that he felt the show was actually less bizarre than the real life elections.

Speaking to The Guardian, Spacey said that the show "doesn't go far enough" when it comes to portraying the elections. The actor added that after a day of filming, he would wonder if they had really pushed it with the plot: I "will go to my hotel room and wonder 'have we gone too far ... have we crossed the Rubicon'" by creating "something unbelievable ... then I turn on the TV and watch the news ... then I think we haven't gone far enough."

Spacey, who has been critical of Donald Trump in the past, seems to poke fun at the candidates in the ongoing election race when comparing them with Frank Underwood.

"We just need to remember he's a fictional character and that some of the candidates running appear to be fictional too," he said.

The latest season was definitely inspired by the elections, revealing that "the parallel universe" was "always intended" and has "been very interesting for audiences everywhere but US audiences in particular."

In other recent news about the Netflix political drama, Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper, dished about his character arc and the weaknesses of Doug which might play into Season 5 of House of Cards.

Speaking with IndieWire, revealed that even after four seasons, Kelly believes getting the part of playing Doug is one of the best things that happened to him.

Kelly revealed that portraying Doug was "hands down, the greatest gift I have ever been given as actor."

"Here's a total gem: I get to play this guy and say these words. To know that I love going to work every day... after four years! It's the greatest job I've ever had," he said.

Kelly went on to talk about what motivates Doug to do what he does and his "serious addiction issues."

"Doug is so much based on addiction," said Kelly, "from alcohol to Rachel to Frank, it's something he has to have: tunnel vision. His loyalty to Frank is a byproduct of his loyalty to his job. When he failed, he saw another life he could have with his family and his brother, with a job that would take him elsewhere and Hawaii, to an easier life. He could do it, but it didn't make him tick."

Season 4 of House of Cards premiered on March 4.

Watch the trailer:

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