'Ray Donovan' Season 4 Spoilers: What We Know So Far About The Next Chapter [VIDEO]

In the latest updates, the first teaser and premiere date for Season 4 of Ray Donovan have finally been revealed.

The next chaper of the Showtime series will premiere on June 26 and the first official teaser shines a light on a repentant Ray (Liev Schreiber). The clip only emphasizes how despite Ray's acknowledgment of his waywardness and bid for salvation he will continue to ride the dangerous spiral he has thus far. This time around it seems like he is really going to alienate his family. Ray's daughter Bridget is seen living away from the family and deeply disappointed in her father and questioning his love for the family. Ray is seen requesting her to come home, promising her that he has changed and is different. In another sequence Abby (Paula Malcolmson) is seen getting an MRI, suggestive of some major illness. In fact even Mickey (Jon Voight) is seen in hospital. The teaser is aptly titled 'I have sinned.' Through the teaser Ray is seen committing to the same messy affairs as before, nothing seems to have changed.

The teaser does not reveal some of the new cast members and guest stars that have joined for this season.

The latest cast announcement was the addition of Game of Thrones actor Richard Brake.

According to a Deadline report, Brake is set to play a recurring role in the Showtime series. He will be playing the part of Vlad, "a dangerous and intimidating man who works for some very powerful people."

Previously, it was revealed that actor Dominique Columbus will be joining the cast. Deadline revealed that Columbus will be playing the part of "Damon, described as a street-smart, homeless teen who packs a mean punch and becomes involved with the Donovan family."

This development came at the heels of another casting announcement for the show, TVLine revealed that Lisa Bonet -- best known for her work on The Cosby Show -- will play the part of Marisol, "an unstable woman with a damaging secret."

These two join a bunch of other new cast members for the show of late.

Deadline reported that Ted Levine and Ismael Cruz Cordova are set to come on board season 4 of Ray Donovan.

Prior to that, Variety also reported that Revenge alum Gabriel Mann is joining the cast for this chapter.

According to the report Mann will appear in three episodes of the season. He is set to play Jacob Waller, "an aggressive attorney who represents high-profile clients."

In disappointing news, Katie Holmes, who mesmerised fans with her portrayal of Paige in season 3 of Ray Donovan, revealed in an appearance on Live With Kelly And Michael that her return was not likely.

Here's what we know about how the character arcs of the old characters on the show will develop.

In an interview with The Wrap, Steven Bauer, who plays Ray's right hand man, Avi, on Ray Donovan, talked about how he would like to see his character evolve in season 4.

When asked specifically what he wished for Avi in the next chapter, he said, "I would love to have a personal life, but if that's not in the cards, that's OK too," he said.

In another interview with The Wrap, Dash Mihok, who plays Bunchy Donovan on the Showtime series, hinted at the possibility of Bunchy working with Ray in the next chapter.

"Liev had this plot line, that I loved, but I don't know if it's gonna happen. He had this idea that it would be amazing if I came and worked for him," he said. "I think there would be a lot of humor and hijinks if Bunchy got to work for Ray. But I'm sure that if the fatherhood thing continues, there's going to be a whole struggle thing with being a parent and the way you view your children when you've been abused-you're totally confused and conflicted."

In an interview with TVLine, Ray Donovan Hollander spoke about the possible evolution of Abby and Terry's (Eddie Marsan) in season 4.

Fans were surprised by the flirtation that ensued between Abby and Terry in season 3 of Ray Donovan and were left wondering if the two might continue to act on their attraction.

Hollander revealed that the two won't actually be taking it forward in season 4. He did confirm that the two had genuine feelings for each other and also that the two being desperately lonely drew them together.

"In talking to Eddie this year, he made it clear to me that a lot of his internal monologue was channeling the voice of Terry's mother-the morality, the center, the judge, the caregiver... So I think Terry was providing comfort and love [to Abby] and that slipped a little toward the loneliness. But it's not a triangulated love story. Terry is not going to steal Abby from Ray," he said. "He will always regret [kissing her]. And, in a way, Terry will perceive what he did as one of the reasons he got shot."

Jon Voight's character arc as Mickey in every season concludes in him majorly wrecked and going down under and MIA. In fact, the finale of season 3 raised similar questions about whether Mickey might be coming back at all in the next chapter. Hollander also assured fans that Voight will be back and that no matter how impossible his return seemed, it was one of the easier characters to write in that regard, as Mickey worked in very unpredictable ways.

"Absolutely. I laugh only because that's the easiest part," he said. "Mickey always wakes up in a new place, and that placefeels permanent until it's not. Boston. Mexico. North Hollywood. And somehow, some way, whatever he is doing, it's going to drag him right back into the heart of Donovan land."

Season 4 of Ray Donovan will feature 12 one hour episodes.

Watch the teaser:

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