The third season finale ended on a cliffhanger where their fates were undetermined but didn't seem to be good, and now a new synopsis for the upcoming season of Devious Maids could be giving some answers about whether or not Zoila (Judy Reyes) and Adrian (Tom Irwin) may have died.  

The final moments of the finale saw Adrian still in the Powell mansion when it blew up thanks to the gas leak Sebastien (Gilles Marini) unleashed in an effort to kill both Adrian, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) and Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) after his identity as Louis and Blanca's (Naya Rivera) killer was revealed. Similarly, Zoila appeared on the brink of death while in labor with her baby-and her fate was left in Genevieve's (Susan Lucci) hands as doctors tried to determine whether they should focus on saving her or her baby.  

Now, in a new synopsis via Carter Matt, it appears that both Zoila and Adrian could be MIA from some of the action-meaning their characters could have either been killed, or their fates are purposely not being addressed just yet in order to keep fans wondering until the premiere. 

"This season, Marisol finds herself acting as a support system to Evelyn in the wake of a big life change. Meanwhile, Rosie's (Dania Ramirez) positive and sunny disposition leaves much to be desired by her new boss, Genevieve sho is acclimating to a household without Zoila's honest and acerbic humor," the synopsis reads.  

Though this could lead to suspicion about Adrian and Zoila's fates, it could also suggest that both are still alive-but they are going through with some of the changes their characters faces last season. Adrian and Evelyn's marriage fell apart after their failed adoption plans, and Evelyn's life change could have to do with her suddenly being homeless and single for the first time in years-and not because her husband is dead. In addition, if Zoila did survive, and her baby did as well, she could be choosing not to work for Genevieve as she takes care of her new child. The two also had a bit of a falling out in season three while Genevieve focused on her poor relationship with Christopher (John O'Hurley), who tried getting rid of Zoila.  

Devious Maids season four premieres June 6 on Lifetime.