During week three of Dancing With the Stars, Lisa Vanderpump realized during rehearsals that she needed to use her dance pro's looks to help get more fan votes to avoid elimination.

Vanderpump and the 6-foot-1 Russian Gleb Savchenko, a first timer on the show, were at the bottom two for elimination last week.

Vanderpump told her partner during their week three rehearsals for the Viennese waltz to take his "kit off," and she took a photo of him with her phone.

"Dancing didn't take us to the bottom, it's the fact we didn't get the votes," she said during a rehearsal. She later said, "If we want to stay in the competition we need votes, and we're going to do whatever it takes to get them."

Vanderpump tells Savchenko he needs to do something, then suggests, "Get out there on a billboard naked or something."

In an interview with People, he said Vanderpump is a very kind person who is open to choreography and they developed a connection the first day.

"She's a very hard worker. She's just an awesome person. I knew who she was from Housewives ... but I didn't really know what kind of personality she had and everything. What's shown on TV is one thing ... [but] she's a normal person and she's really easy to work with," he told the magazine.

The duo is currently in fourth to last place. The second elimination round is Tuesday at 9 p.m.