'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News: Fans' Petition For Reboot Continues As Rumors Emerge That Madhouse Is Taking Over [VIDEO]

With rumors emerging that the release of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 would be pushed back to make way for the progression of the manga, some fans have decided to take the initiative further, starting a petition online to request another animation studio, Madhouse, to take over the production of the beloved series.

Tokyo Ghoul's anime series, which was produced by Studio Pierrot, received polarizing reviews among fans. While the first season was largely faithful to the progression of the manga, the second season of the anime, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, pursued a completely different plot, aggravating fans of the series.

With the conclusion of the second season, Tokyo Ghoul fans found some assurance in the notion that the creators of the anime might finally be able to push the story back closer to the manga. However, recent reports have emerged that Studio Pierrot is planning to push the anime even further from the manga instead, with some even alleging that the upcoming third season would focus on another character. Worse, rumors have also emerged which alleged that the third season would feature a filler arc, in order to fill in the episode count of the third season's planned 12-episode run.

Though other speculations eventually emerged that Studio Pierrot is taking a step back and postponing the release of the anime's third season in order to make way for the plot's progression in the manga, thousands of Tokyo Ghoul's fans have taken to the internet to demand something far more drastic. Fans started demanding that the reins for Tokyo Ghoul's anime adaptation be relinquished to Madhouse Studios instead.

Madhouse Studios is noted for the quality of its output and its tendency to stick pretty close to the source material. Though it did commit some plot blunders in the past, such as its treatment of the Claymore anime's ending, the studio, for the most part, has been consistent with the anime it produces.

Among Madhouse's most notable productions are Death Note and of course, last year's runaway hit, One Punch Man. Thus, for the authors of the Tokyo Ghoul petition, the rationale was simple. If Madhouse could make One Punch Man extremely faithful to the manga, it would most probably do the same to Tokyo Ghoul.

Of course, if there's one thing that a manga such as Tokyo Ghoul deserves, it is an adaptation that is untainted, faithful and true.

The petition currently has 3,453 signatures out of its goal of 10,000. 

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