'Hawaii Five-0' Season 7: Will Kono Leave The Team? EP Dishes On Finale Fallout [VIDEO]

Death is only a hairs breath away on Hawaii Five-0, and, for some, that ever-present threat could become too much to handle in season 7.

The Five-0 crew made it out of the two-hour season finale alive, albeit slightly dinged. McGarrett's (Ale O'Loughlin) brush with mortality, however, had everyone reflecting on their life with the taskforce - particularly Kono (Grace Park).

After Park's moving scene with an unconscious McGarrett, fans are wondering if Chin's (Daniel Dae Kim) cousin is planning on handing in her badge.

:The theme of next year is everybody is weighing the legacy - or what they're doing and the affect that it has on their lives," shiwrunner Peter Lenkiv told Entertainment Weekly. "Kono's gone through some amazing trauma and her husband was taken away from her. A lot of it stems from her job. She would have probably never had met Adam if it wasn't for her job."

Just as Chin is contemplating the pros and cons of becoming Sarah's adoptive father, Kono is examining the inherent risks associated with her day job.

"You get to a point where you start weighing everything, and you put things in a plus and minus column, and you say, 'Is it worth it?'" Lenkov explained. "That's really where I want the characters to be, where they're really weighing the good that they're doing."

Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if Kono did call it quits, at least for a few episodes. The Five-0 ohana has a way of drawing its brothers and sisters back into the fray, however, and we feel confident the former surfer would be back at HQ before long.

Find out what's next for McGarrett, Danny (Scott Caan), Kono, Chin, Lou (Chi McBride), and Jerry (Jorge Garcia) when Hawaii Five-0 returns to CBS this fall. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' latest episode.

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