'Sister Sister' Reboot News: Tia & Tamera Mowry 'Want To' Do A Revival, What Would It Be Like? [VIDEO]

Sister Sister reboot? 'I ain't ever gonna let you go!'

On Monday, Hollywood Life found out that a potential revival of the 90's sitcom might happen. After chatting with Tamera Mowry, who played one of the twins, she mentioned that she and her sister Tia definitely "want to" do a spin-off.

"We just need to get in touch with the right person," she said. "We've put it out there, so I'm really going to have to talk to my managers and see how we can get that done."

She added that "a lot of people would love to see it," and she and Tia want to see it happen too.

At this point, she just wants to make sure that it'll be a worthy revival. And there's a good chance it'll be something different from other revivals like Fuller House and Girl Meets World.

"We want to make sure that it's right," Mowry said. "We want to do a movie rather than a TV series. We're talking about it!"

One of the ways to make it right would probably be to make sure the original cast members will be on board. When it comes to other reboots like Fuller House, there was one cast member missing-- well, two technically.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never arrived for a cameo appearance to play Michelle Tanner again. The rest of the cast showed up though and even poked a little fun at the Olsen twins for their absence.

Candace Cameron Bure, who plays DJ on the series, dished to In Touch on the playful jabs that were thrown at the sisters.

"We thought they were well-done and tongue-in-cheek," Bure said. "They were little fun pokes at [Mary-Kate and Ashley] and especially 'breaking the fourth wall' so many times on the show when we did it, so they were just little nods to the acknowledgment of it- but I thought they were very playful and fun and there was nothing mean-spirited about them at all."

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