Doctor Who's Mistress is ready for her close up.

Twelve (Peter capaldi) left her on Skaro, but the Doctor's greatest frenemy isn't thwarted quite so easily. The Mistress (Michelle Gomez) will return in 2017, undoubtedly brining her own unique brand of chaos along with her.

Gomez announced the Mistress' upcoming appearance while speaking at Florida's MegaCon over the weekend, but, unfortunately, the Brit couldn't spill on the Time Lord's devious plans.

This could very well be Gomez's last trip in the TARDIS. The Mistress is Steven Moffat's take on the indefatigable Master, and, just like John Simm's iteration of the villain disappeared when showrunner Russell T. Davies stepped down, Gomez's character will most likely be retired to the Doctor Who graveyard following Moffat's season 10 finale. That, of course, doesn't mean the Time Lord will dissapear for good. No matter how many times the Master/Mistress seems to die, he/she always finds away to claw his/her way back into existence.

Find out more when Doctor Who returns to the BBC and BBC America on Dec. 25.