'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Special Mystery Character Returning! Who Could It Be? [VIDEO]

Teen Wolf's Beacon Hills is not a town to come home to. Nevertheless, season 6 will see a familiar face lured back in by the call of the nemeton's clarion call.

Living in Scott's (Tyler Posey) hometown, you ignore the strange deaths and odd glowing eyes for as long as you can, and, once you get out, you don't look back. At least that's what any sane person would do. Luckily for fans, former members of the town's supernatural underground seem to have a screw loose.

According to series creator Jeff Davis, a few familiar faces will pop up during season 6.

"MTV Press prefers that I not mention [who it is]. But yes, there will be another returning character or two this season," Davis told Teen Wolf News, keeping the actors' identities under wraps. "We almost had one person return this season but the negotiations didn't work out unfortunately."

It's really a statement that could be made in regards to any of the drama's recent seasons. Teen Wolf rarely kills off its departing characters, a narrative device which leaves a hide-a-key for friends and villains alike to utilize. Last season alone, the writers managed to weave Chris Argent (JR Bourne), Gerard (Michael Hogan), Deucalion (Gideon Emery), Braeden (Meagan Tandy), Coach (Orny Adams), and Crystal Reed back into the story.

We already know Bourne and Emery will remain in Beacon Hills for the rest of Scott's senior year, but who will join them? Peter Hale seems a likely choice for the Desert Wolf storyline, and, considering Davis has teased a potential return to season 3's WWII internment camp, Satomi could also be in the running.

Other perennial possibilities include Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Isaac (Daniel Sharman), Jackson (Colton Haynes), Mr. McCall (Matthew Del Negro), and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), to name just a few.

Who do you think Davis is referring to? Find out when Teen Wolf returns to MTV later this year.

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