Eileen Davidson has reportedly reached the end of the road with her full-time role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to reports, Davidson has not be asked to return to her official housewife role when the series returns later this year for season seven, and while she was said to be asked to return in a "friend of the wives" role, she is reportedly hesistant to agree to the demotion.

Last Thursday, Tamra Tattles revealed the news of Davidson's alleged fate, claiming she was "balking" at the idea of appearing on season seven only as a friend of her co-star, Lisa Rinna.

“Eileen really hasn’t had much of a story in any of her two years on the show,” an insider explained to Real Mr. Housewife of Davidson's reported demotion. “Think about it, the first season the one thing that finally made her relevant was Brandi Glanville throwing a glass of wine at her.”

“Then, last season the only storyline she had was getting angry at Lisa Vanderpump for mentioning her affair," the insider continued. "Notice how she kept bringing it up almost every chance she got. It was clear that she had no storyline.”

According to a third report, via Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Davidson's high salary may have been another reason for her alleged exit from her full-time role. After all, if Bravo was paying Davidson $750,000 they would surely expect a bit more out of her.

"Bravo doesn’t release information about how much each Housewife is paid, but when Eileen joined the cast of ‘RHOBH’ the actress who portrays Ashley Abbot on ‘Y&R’ was given a reported $250,000," the report stated. "If that salary is correct it was the highest amount of money any of the ladies from any of the Housewives franchises was given for their premiere season."

"No one but Bravo and Eileen, and maybe her ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ cohorts knows how much Eileen was paid to appear in the show’s sixth season. But let’s face it, Eileen basically had no storyline other than fighting with Lisa V. during season 6 of ‘RHOBH,’" the source added.