Russell Brand Scientology? Comedian Jokes About Scientology and Tom Cruise to Conan [WATCH]

Is Russell Brand converting to Scientology based on some advice from his Rock of Ages co-star, Tom Cruise? Don't believe it.

Russell Brand stopped by Conan this past Tuesday night and in his brandish manner joked about trying to get recruited for Scientology by Tom Cruise.

The 27 year old actor, comedian and host of Brand X on FX had a wonderful time filming Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise, but seemed to be baffled as to why the 50 year old actor isn't making efforts to convert him to Scientology.

Brand told Conan O'Brien on Tuesday's interview: "That man had no interest in getting me into Scientology at all. ..If there's a cult that don't want me, I want to know why!"

It seems that Brand wants to be involved in everything the world has to offer. Being that hilarious, fun loving man that he is, it is a wonder to him why the world of Scientology has no interest in having someone like him onboard.

"I was thinking, he's a member of that religion called Scientology I thought, 'Oh I'm interested in that,'" Brand quipped, explaining how he'd go fishing for an introduction to the religion. "Every so often I'd say things like, 'Oh Tom, sometimes I'm a bit lost in life. Oh Tom, I wish I had a way of thinking more positively about the future.'"

Brand's off the reservation way of speaking coupled with his lack of a filter kept audience members as well as Conan laughing all night as he fooled around during the interview.

The actor also went on to tell Conan about his love affection for recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence saying, "She's a really beautiful Oscar winning actress, I wouldn't go 'I refuse to have sex with this glorious creation.'"

His revelation may bring some validity to the recent rumors that he hit on the young Silver Linings Playbook star at a Vanity-Fair post Oscar party back in February.

To see more of this interview check out the video here.

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