'Teen Wolf' Season 6: It's The Reveal You've Been Waiting For! Jeff Davis Teases Stiles Name

Scott McCall's pack won't go gentle into that good night, and neither will Teen Wolf.

The MTV series made its seventh appearance at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, but the cast's panel was bittersweet. As Teen Wolf announced its most intriguing storyline in years (see the new trailer below), fans were shocked to learn that season 6 would be the drama's final bow.

Don't worry, however; Teen Wolf won't suffer the Ghost Riders' curse without answering the question that has been plaguing viewers since before Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) ever uttered the word 'werewolf'. Get ready to learn Stiles real name.

"There is a crucial moment in this season where it is revealed," series creator Jeff Davis told EnStars.

If you've watch the season 6 trailer, then you know that the sheriff's son will fall victim to Beacon Hill's latest batch of villains. Known as the Ghost Riders, these supernatural beings are steeped in lore, and while their tale is well know, their victims are not. Why? Well, as Stiles will soon learn, it's because Teen Wolf's new villains have the unique ability to erase a person from reality. Once O'Brien's character falls under their influence, even his father won't remember his name.

But can you really blame him? According to Davis, Stiles given name is far too complicated for a man to recall at the best of times.

"I told someone a couple of years ago what his name was and they forgot because it's very hard to write down, a lot of consonants," the EP teased.

While the Stiles-centric storyline was penned before O'Brien's Maze Runner accident, the Teen Wolf writers found a way to work around the actor's injury.

"I can say this idea was planned to work around his movie schedule. It was not planned to work around an accident, and I know that's true of his other obligations as well," Davis explained. "We feel pretty confident that's it's going to be a fun season, and it's a pretty Stiles heavy story (even though he might be missing from an episode or two)."

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV this fall.

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