The twin bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon on April 15-which led to three deaths and over 250 people injured and many with amputations - has inspired an outpour of honor from locals in the form of a tattoo.

In the wake of the attack, Boston residents have been getting ink jobs on various parts of their body with the term "Boston Strong" etched on their skin. Boston Strong became the coined term that represented unity immediately following the horrific attack during the search for the suspects. On April 19, authorities arrested one of two suspects, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

According to a report, hundreds have flocked to their local tattoo shops in the state to pay tribute to the victims and flaunt their pride for their home state a week after the capture of suspect no.2. 

"I did it on my leg for all the people who lost their legs to kind of pay tribute in that way,' Katie Collins, told, The Boston Herald about her "One Heart Boston" tattoo.

The tattoo artists have been using the increased interest in Boston tribute tattoos to raise money for the victims. On Instagram, several shop owners have posted announcements that profits from the purchase of a Boston tattoo will go to charities to financially support the victims.

One tattoo artist, diamoellertattoo, wrote on April 23 on Instagram: "This will take place at the Boston Tattoo company in Davis sq....These will not be free, we are trying to raise money for the victims' family...I'm trying to focus on small BOston relate tattoos, so bring on the Bs and 617s people!! Also feel free to repost!"

The "B" symbol for the Boston Red Sox baseball team is another popular tattoo tribute Bostonians have inked onto their skin to show off their pride.

View the gallery of the many Boston tribute tattoos above.