'Supernatural' Season 12: Cas Has His Mojo Back! EP Previews Big Plans For Angel's Powers [VIDEO]

It's official - Supernatural's Castiel has his mojo back. No more Lucifer rattling around his brain, no more stolen grace. Season 12's just around the corner, and that means it's high time everybody's favorite rebel angel headed back into the field.

Ever since Cas (Misha Collins) became a staple in the Winchesters' lives, the Supernatural writers have been looking for ways to rein in his power. From shifting allegiances to a Leviathan take over, from lost grace to critically low levels of self-esteem, Supernatural has kneecapped Collins' character in almost everyway imaginable. When Castiel reunites with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) this fall, however, Team Free Will's wingman will have a chance to shine.

"The biggest problem with Castile in terms of case-of-the-week type stories was his teleporting, because if he could be anywhere quickly it messes up timelines a lot. That power got taken away...the wings have been broken," co-showrunner Andrew Dabb told EnStars at San Diego Comic-Con. "So you have a Cas that is very capable in the moment in a fight and things like that, but you don't have a Cas that is magic in terms of finding out what went wrong. If he's on a case, he still has to work it."

Pushing Luci to the side for a moment, Castiel's first order a business will be to locate Sam. Lady Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore) got the jump on him once, but the British Men of Letters should expect to repeat the same feat twice.

"[Cas will be] extremely motivated to get Sam back," Dabb explained to TV Guide Magazine. He [does] things we know Cas is capable of but we haven't seen in recent years."

After working to reunite the Winchesters and dealing with the devil, it sounds like Castiel will spend a little time honing his hunting skills.

You'll see - especially in the back half of our season - Cas more involved with things like that," Dabb told EnStars. "I think that even Cas with some of his powers back (or more engaged) isn't necessarily going to overpower stories is ways that I think maybe we feared he would in past seasons."

Catch Supernatural's season 12 premiere Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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