'Killjoys' Season 2: Can Dutch Save Johnny? 'Increasing Stakes' In An Episode 8 Sneak Peek! [VIDEO]

Oh, Johnny, what new trouble have you wrought? The Killjoys are up to their eyes in green goo, red boxes, and impenetrable walls, but, even as the trio march toward answers, Dutch's team might be unraveling at the seems.

Ever since "Meet the Patents," Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) been working behind his coworkers' backs, combining his desire to "give a sh-t" and his love for Pawter (Sarah Power) into a plan to save Old Town. As noble as his goals may be, his execution could use a little refinement. Unfortunately for Johnny, getting worked over by Jelco's (Pascal Langdale) minions will be like a pillow fight compared to his gut-wrenching reunion with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen).

Yikes. Killjoys is hitting us right in the feels.

"Johnny is one of our leads so he's going to make it out of the season in one piece I'll tell you that. He's a bit of a changed man by the end of it and this is a continuation of that trajectory," series creator Michelle Lovretta told TV Junkies. "He has some very lovely, powerful and quiet character growth this season that I think is very honest and Aaron does an incredible job portraying. Johnny grows up and in order to grow up there's a point where you have to choose who you are, what you believe in and who you'll fight for."

Luckily for all involved, answers are forth coming on all fronts. With the season finale just around the corner, it's time for writers to begin pulling all the disparate strands together.

"There's creepiness and some answers in terms of where we're headed with this wall and what it all means," Lovretta teased. "Obviously, we're heading into the last three episodes of the season so you're going to get increasing stakes, more and more fallout and more and more answers as we head into our conclusion."

Can Pawter spring Johnny from Jelco's mini prison? Does Khlyen (Rob Stewart) really want Dutch to execute her look-a-like? Find out when Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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