'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Season 3: Brandi Burnside 'Betray's Max Lux? [VIDEO]

Brandi Burnside and Max Lux joined VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last season and while he was the reason for much of their drama as she accused him of cheating, she is stirring up strife this time around in a sneak peek of the next episode.

Max told Brandi to put $27K into their son’s bank account. But she told her good friend Princess Love that she had other plans for the funds.

Princess already knew something was up when Brandi told her to meet her at a disclosed location that ended up being a brand new boutique called Jhalae. She then revealed that she used the money Max gave her for their son and invested it into 50 percent of the store (her partner put in the other half).

Princess was in awe of the store at first, but then Brandi told her how she paid for it.

“I didn’t put a dollar into [his] savings, not a dollar.”

Princess later told cameras, “I’m not one to judge, but girl, something is wrong with you. That’s betrayal.”

Still, Burnside added that she plans to make the money back in her store.

“It’s gonna turn that into way more than the 27…I intend to turn that 27,000 into 270,000 real quick.”

But Princess had a more realistic point of view.

“He’s gonna kill you,” she told Burnside.

Princess then said she would have to explain to Ray where she was and what she did considering she told him she was going to hang out with Burnside.

“What do I tell him?” she asked.

Burnside dropped another bomb and said she has been telling Max she and Princess have been hanging out all along while she was really putting things together for the store.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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