Amanda Knox will break her silence in an interview set to air tonight at 10 p.m. EST. with ABC's Diane Sawyer, about the murder of her English roommate, Meredith Kercher in 2007.

Knox, 25, spent four years in an Italian jail for the murder of Kercher while they were exchange students in Perugia, Italy. Knox was acquitted on appeal in 2011 and returned to the United States. However, last month, Italy's high court ordered a retrial.


In a preview of the interview released by ABC, Knox tells Sawyer that the court's order was "incredibly painful," and that she felt as if she needs to crawl through another field of barbed wire. Knox said she wants her side of the story to be heard. She is also expected to explain her behavior the day after the murder that prosecutors and many people around the world called odd.

Knox also talked about her trial and how people shouted at her that she was the "devil."

"I was in the courtroom when they were calling me a devil," she told Sawyer in excerpts shown on Good Morning America today. "It's one thing to be called certain things in the media, and it's another thing to be sitting in a courtroom fighting for your life while people are calling you a devil."

"For all intents and purposes I was a murderer, whether I was or not. I had to live with the idea that that would be my life," she added.

Knox also spoke about the family of Kercher.

"I want them to know," Knox said about Kercher's family, "their grief has my every respect, has the respect of my family, and we just don't want to... we don't want to invade their life and their grief."

"And I really want them to understand that my need for justice for myself is not in contradiction with theirs," she said.

"[I hope] that eventually I can have their permission to pay respects at her grave."

Knox memoir "Waiting to Be Heard," published by HarperCollins, hit bookstores today and it widely known that she maintains her innocence in it.

Knox is set to appear in Good Morning America, Wednesday morning.

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