'Killjoys' Finale: 'Get Your Tissues Ready', Aaron Ashmore Previews Season 2 Finale [VIDEO]


Killjoys fans should have a Kleenex handy this Friday, and not just to wipe away tears of laughter. Although the space opera has a penchant for snappy one-liners, prepare to pepper your mirth with a few tears during "How to Kill Friends and Influence People."

Pawter's (Sarah Power) death was a shock to the system, to be sure. Nevertheless, Dutch's (Hannah John-Kamen) team won't have much time to collect their emotions. Fancy has promised a visit from Khlyen (Rob Stewart), and one can only assume that Yalena's surrogate father will bring mayhem along with him. A distraught John (Aaron Ashmore) may need to compartmentalize in the moment, but the events of "Johnny Be Good" and the finale will spin him around (watch a sneak peek below).

"I can say for John, his path is definitely changed by the events that are happening in 209 and 210 in a major, major way. I think in a very unexpected way. I did not see what was coming for John as we started the season," Ashmore told reporters last week. "He's sort of in a completely different space than when he started. I'm very curious to see where we pick up in season 3. It's almost to the point [that] I have no idea. I can't even imagine what they're going to do."

Don't think John will hog all of the drama, however.

"I think the last two are pretty emotional on a couple of different fronts," Ashmore teased. "If you're an emotional person I'd say maybe get your box of tissues ready."

On a lighter note, series creator Michelle Lovretta previewed the finale for The TV Junkies, telling viewers to "expect A+ performances this episode, hilariously unlikely allies, an amazing spaceship dogfight, and hopefully a few big surprises."

Are you ready? Catch the Killjoys season 2 finale this Friday at 9 p.m. ET. Syfy has renewed the series for a third season.

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